Do you remember the first time we met?

Wait for a few seconds.


Spudboy is a creative guy.

I just found it.

Good students study hard.

A book worth reading is worth reading twice.

I guess they really weren't so hungry.

Kathleen is studying linear algebra.

How many people want to go swimming with us?

I warmed up beside the fire.

They talked me into staying a little longer.

Suu stared at Siping with disgust.

In the belly, there are intestines, kidneys, liver, etc.

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Everything is going to turn out OK.


I rechecked the data.


I don't have any symptoms.

They won't let Kerry in.

He's a single father.


What do you know about cockroaches?

He kept finding many pretexts.

I don't know if it's what he wants.

She's a bit out of her depth in her new job.

He is apparently a pianist.

Some artists are contemptuous of criticism.

We already gave it to you.

He cannot be ill.

They live on the snow and ice of the Poles and in tropical jungles.

I hope there's still some bread left.

I've only descended further into loonyville.

I haven't got any pen.

He's every bit as clever as his friend.

May I speak to you for a moment in private?

That is a preposterous story.

He wanted to know what happened.

Why are you still worried about that?

I remember having seen her some place.

His bravery is worth respecting.

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You don't have anything to do with this.

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Panos wanted to know where Pierre was.


Remember to keep your mind calm.

Reboot the computer.

Learning probably takes place in virtually every activity in which we take part.

I tried many times to use a personal computer.

Some people claim to know everything.

I'm starting to get old!

I think it according to reason.

I think that was very funny.

Vote for us!

Karen said he wants to buy either flowers or candy for Juha.

Close all the windows.

Vassos painted the doors blue.

The car started to pick up speed.

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Whether he will come at all is doubtful.


She has moved house six times since she came here.

If you studied hard, you would get good marks.

Where did you grow up?

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As soon as you arrive, he will make something to eat.

When did the show finish?

You would've liked the concert.

I'm afraid I can't help you now.

You really look familiar.

I couldn't hear her.

Since it is the oval track, the distance between the planets and the sun differs at times.

It doesn't look like anybody's home.

I need to find out.

I think I'm really sick.

Your ideas are in accord with ours.


Herod's house is again headed for destruction, destined for the fire.

They are in the car.

With the closure of the bridge, it will take a lot longer to get to the airport.

Is Jagath any good at baseball?

Don't waste your breath on her.

I'd buy it.

My favourite animals are squirrels and stoats, while my girlfriend is fascinated by spiders, strange as it may seem.

Pablo depends on Valerie.

Vijay wanted to stop and think.

Everyone was so happy.

He cannot avoid traveling to work during the rush hours.


Gene was caught red-handed.


Most programmers hate debugging; making errors is much more fun than debugging them.

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Wow, this is different.


I hope you've been paying attention.


Can you speak up?

You've got a bright future ahead of you.

I've got three times more money as you.

I can't speak French or German.

Hinduism has a divine Trinity along with millions of lesser gods.

Just when the first human beings will reach Mars remains to be seen.

We worried a lot about you.

If you hurry, you can make the next bus.

The speeding car missed the child, who ran out into the road, by only a hairsbreadth.

I could stay here all day.

Are you almost here?

They rent the car by the hour.

I tried to call you from Boston.

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It's worthwhile visiting the old castles.

Hopefully, you will not be mad now.

Nothing grew there besides wild lavender.

His answer is to the point.

He who desires too much, gets nothing.

I'm the oldest.

Let's get real.

Tracey abandoned cigarettes after the doctor's warning.

This is my dog.

Geoffrey is a few inches shorter than Miltos.

Coming events cast their shadows before them.


That was discouraging.

Despite Hippocrates' very first exhortation, the history of medicine abounds in needless torture and bad counsel.

This problem is hard to solve. So you had better begin with that one.

Inferiority complexes are more common than we think.

Teriann was reading, with a cat sleeping beside her.

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One plays football for only one thing: in order to win.

How is this my problem?

Evelyn can't seem to do anything right.

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Arthur can't tell me what to do.

Everything is very expensive in this store.

I think this is really exciting.


The taste of sugar is too noticeable.

Just ignore that.

School has started and I like it so far.

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She tried hard to imitate Mariah Carey but failed.

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We're still waiting for you.

A tree is green.

She could have kissed me goodbye but didn't and just walked away.


Our forces occupied the city.

I thought that you were able to speak French.

Margaret showed Patricio his tattoo.

He studied English and then math.

I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

Did you come by train?

Do you have any idea when Pria will arrive?


Let's have dinner before we go to the baseball game.


Do you work alone?

The first time Lindsey ever saw Dale, he was wearing a beanie, strumming a ukulele, and singing an Irish ditty.

I don't know anyone who knows how to speak French.

You can bet your boots on that.

It's what I'm used to.

My glass is empty.

The Earth doesn't belong to man; man belongs to the Earth.

You don't have to go to the party if you don't want to.

Let me tell you about the origin of this school.

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We ate a waffle on the jetty.

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I hope they work it out.

She doesn't even speak her own language well, let alone French.

Is it going to rain tomorrow?

The qipao is a classic female garment that originated in 17th century China.

What is it that you want, Price?


Three little girls are going to the skating rink.

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Although many pay lip service to the idea of affirmative action, in reality, very few minorities get hired.

More than half of the languages spoken in our world today are endangered.

The manager balanced the strength of his team against that of their opponent and sighed.

Kristian doesn't need to be here.

Get on your horses.

Can Bill still be at home?

More and more people have a computer in their home.


I had nothing to do with that situation.

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Has John decided on a career yet?

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Your collar has a stain on it.

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I sent some money to her.

We won't be able to avoid being punished this time.

We must deal with this problem right away.

Butler doesn't look so good.

It'll never change.

I still don't trust him.

What are the biggest challenges?